Types of Editing

As you can see, we offer a generous variety of writing services in whatever capacity you require.  Whether you need to have your work checked for general errors or you require a much more in-depth critique, you have come to the right place.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Proofreading is what sets writers apart from one another.  This is where we will check for spelling and grammar errors, runons, fragments, and the like.

Express Evaluation is a good choice for writers who are just starting out or who just need a few pages’ worth of critiquing.  This option gives you a chance to see how we work and, moreover, how we will work together.  We can help you avoid such things as inconsistencies, confusion, repetition, and so forth.

Writing Coach: A Writing Coach will assist you in the early shaping of your novel or paper.  This could include brainstorming, prewriting, outlining, or just acting as a sounding board.  If you would like to submit chapters to us over a given time in whatever capacity you like, we can look over them and provide input.  The overall goal is to keep you writing.  This is what makes our Pinterest page so valuable to our clients.  Click here for more information.

Short Story Manuscript Critique is available to clients who have a first draft completed and ready for evaluation.  This is the time when we go through your manuscript and “trim” anything that might be repetitive or unnecessary.

Correlation Editing is exactly what it sounds like. The purpose of this editing technique is to check each piece of the manuscript to the other.

Developmental Editing looks at the manuscript as a whole, analyzing chapters, plot, characterization, pacing, etc.

Content Editing is similar to developmental and substantive editing, but instead of just focusing on grammar and style, it is far more involved.  This is when we scan your work for inconsistencies in plot, characterization, dialogue, etc.

Research for Writers or Book Publishers: Sometimes, it is necessary to go through one’s notes and check for accuracy.  This is also a good time to evaluate research materials.  Research can be very time-consuming and might even discourage writing.  This is where we come in.  We can conduct extensive research to aid in improving the manuscript without slowing down the writing process.   

Basic Copy-editing is more than just checking for spelling errors: it is all about improvements.  This could mean style, format, correlation, accuracy, just to name a few.

Substantive Editing is the most extensive, in-depth evaluation that we offer.  It analyzes what is said, what has not been said, and what needs to be said.

Manuscript Evaluation and Critique lets the critic wear two hats: reader and editor.  This is when the editor is expected to read through the entirety of the manuscript, at least twice, and provide necessary feedback in order to improve the text.  This service is especially vital for writers who have finished copy ready to be evaluated.